When going to this page:, you either get this message if you don’t have the latest version of java:

application blocked not latest version of java

Or this message if you have the latest version of java:

application blocked latest version of java

If you get the first message, you will need to update your version of Java at

Then, when reloading the page, you’ll likely get the second message (Application Blocked by Security Settings).


  1. Go to the Start menu and choose Control Panel. Change View by to Large Icons. Open the Java control panel.
    java control panel
  2. Click the Security tab
    security tab
  3. Click Edit Site List…
    edit site list
  4. Click Add
    add exception
  5. Enter in the location and click Add
    enter site to add exception
  6. Click Continue to the warning popup.
    security warning
  7. Click OK
    confirm page
  8. Click OK again to close the Java Control Panel.
  9. Go back to your web browser and reload the webpage. Click Run to the Security Warning to allow it to run.
    run application confirmation dialog

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