If you are having problems connecting to SU-Secure using the SU-Connect wizard, you can create a Help File that you can then add to the ticket as an attachment.

Create the file on a Windows computer

  • From the SecureW2 program choose Settings>Troubleshoot>Create Help File
    create help file
  • The program will gather information for the help file.
    system information
  • Once done it will save to the Desktop.
    save to desktop
  • From there you can save the file to a thumbdrive.

Create the file on a Mac

  • From the SecureW2 JoinNow program, click Settings>Troubleshoot>Create Help File
    create help file
  • Have the user enter their Mac credentials if prompted.
    enter credentials
  • Once it's finished, choose OK.
    finished screen click ok
  • The file is saved on the desktop.
    file saved to desktop
  • Copy it to a thumb drive so that you can attach it to the ticket.  

Attaching it to the ticket

  • When creating a ticket at https://itsupport.salisbury.edu, you can add an attachment in the Attachments window:
    attachment window

  • You can either drag and drop the file, paste screenshots, or browse for a file to attach.

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