Most doors on campus are equipped with locks that open with a swipe of your Gull Card. There are two types of locks on campus that require your Gull Card:

1. Proximity Locks – These locks are mostly found on building exteriors and computer lab doors. These locks require you to swipe your Gull Card in front of the reader in order to gain access.

2. Onity Locks – These locks are used to gain access to particular rooms such as residence hall rooms, offices, classrooms, etc. These locks require you to drop your Gull Card into a reader in order to gain access. Gull Cards are physically programmed (encoded) at certain locations on campus.

Who do I need to contact for door access?
Faculty and Staff – contact your immediate supervisor.
Students –
• For access to housing – contact your Resident Director.
• For access to classrooms and labs – contact your instructor.
• If you are employed on campus – contact your supervisor.

What should I do if there is a problem gaining access to a particular area or door?
Please contact the Gull Card Office to let us know. You are our main source of information when it comes to reporting and fixing problems.
When reporting problems with Proximity locks: What happened when you swiped your card? Did any of the lights change colors? When the light turns green, your card is accepted.  When the light turns red, your card is denied.
Remember, you can test your card for access even when a particular door or area is scheduled to be open.
When reporting problems with Onity locks: Is your card damaged? Is the magnetic stripe on the back of your card damaged?

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