All phones and devices are different, but in most setups for Exchange (or Exchange ActiveSync) you’ll need the following info:

  • Username. This will usually be your SU username, but could also be your full email address or SALISBURY\username.
  • Server. This will usually be
  • Domain. This is usually blank, but if it’s required use
  • SSL. This should be enabled, usually with a checkbox. Required.

Note that when you add your email to your phone, the process of connecting through Exchange automatically gives some control of your phone to Information Technology, which could perform such actions as preventing software installations, disabling web browsing, or even wiping your phone. While IT has no policies or plans to implement any such policies regarding those actions, you should be aware of the risk before using it. If you are not comfortable with that, you should use your device’s web browser to check your email online instead at

Setting up Exchange on your device gives you some of those options as well. For example, if your device is ever stolen, you can sign onto web access at and remotely wipe your phone by clicking Options and then selecting Mail. On the options screen, expand General and select Mobile Devices.

Office 365 mobile devices options

After Setup

Once you set up your phone for ActiveSync, your calendar, contacts and email should all synchronize automatically. You may also have an option to merge your data with what is already on the phone. Check with your carrier or device manual before merging your data, as it may overwrite the data you already have.

Because your email will check frequently for new email, we recommend that you use a manual “fetch” setting rather than an automatic “push” setting. This will help avoid locking out your account when your password changes and expires if you forget to update your phone or device immediately.

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