This guide covers all of your student accounts, as well as how to login and change your password.

Applicants and Admitted Students

When you are first accepted to the University as an applicant, you are given your SU username and a GullNet password.  This username and password is different than what was used during the initial application process.  

  • This is used to access GullNet prior to matriculation, when your SU account is activated and you are eligible to register for classes.
  • You will not be able to change or update your password until after orientation which is approximately July 2nd for Fall and January 16th for Spring.
  • If you have lost your password as an applicant you can have it resent to you by going to  and selecting ***Prospective/incoming students: see GullNet Password Recovery.

Your SU Account and Password

  • Once your SU account is created (usually just before Orientation) your SU account will be active for the following systems:
  • Once your SU account is active, you will receive all official emails through your SU email address instead of the personal email initially used.  
  • As long as you are taking at least one class at Salisbury University, or have taken a class within the past 12 months, your SU account will be active.  If you currently have a faculty/staff account and wish to take classes you must apply and receive a student account to register for classes.  
  • Access to your SU account including email and GullNet are removed 12 months after your last class at SU. 

Your Email Address

Your email address is, where “username” is your SU username. You can access your email at Campus Email Microsoft 365 Outlook WebApp (Web Access)


Note for parents: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) limits the amount of assistance we can provide to anyone except the owner of the account (the student). For more information, visit

See also SU account creation, access and deletion for faculty, staff and student accounts