This is a guide for how to navigate the new "Fluid Navigation" in GullNet.  It highlights key changes to be aware of in order to find familiar pages, menus, and processes.

Fluid Navigation Menu 

Once logged into GullNet a Menu and Search bar will appear as well as 3 icons in the top right:  Home, Actions, and NavBar.

Global Search is shown in the top middle of the screen for quick and easy access. 

The Home, Actions, and NavBar are show just to the right.  


The home icon returns the user to their default Homepage, the page that a user arrives at immediately upon login - it may be a student, employee, or other homepage.  


The icon with 3 dots displays the actions menu with various options.

NavBar (Navigation Bar)

**Note:  For quick ways to get to items you used to find in GullNet Main Menu, see NavBar: Navigator as it replaces the idea of "Main Menu" in the older menu system of Gullnet.

The compass icon expands a NavBar menu on the right, allowing users to navigate to different menu levels and view different GullNet pages.  The Navbar contains commonly used items such as Recent Places, My Favorites, and the "Navigator" menu.  

  • NavBar: Recent Places - Displays recent pages the user has visited
  • NavBar: My Favorites - Customizable “favorite” or frequently used pages a user can set up in order to cut down navigation time to these pages.  
    • Existing favorites will be retained after the update.  It is highly recommended to use Favorites to bookmark commonly used pages on a day-to-day basis.
    • See How to Add or Edit Favorites
  • NavBar: Navigator - Displays the top-level menu and subsequent pages underneath.  This replaces the top-level “Main Menu” folder in GullNet/PeopleSoft
    • Click on any of the top-level menus to navigate to pages/screens under those menus:
    • To go back one level or return to the main menu within the Navigator, use the back arrow button or back to main buttons within the Navigator:

For users with multiple options the Homepage Selector is shown on the top left just below the banner.

In addition a shortcut to your Recently Visited and Favorites list can be accessed to the far left. 


Homepage Preview

The existing "classic home" Employee Homepage in GullNet/CSPRD will be replaced with a Tile-based layout.  Each of the classic home pagelets (e.g. "Employee Links" and "Timesheet" windows below with lists of links to other pages) will be converted to a tile.  The same links under the classic home pagelets will show up on a left navigational bar after selecting the corresponding tile.  Below is an example of the new Employee Homepage with Tiles instead of pagelets/links:

Clicking the "Employee Timesheet" Tile displays the following links, that were previously under the "Timesheet" pagelet on the classic Employee homepage.