This guide covers installing a network printer (usually an HP or Canon) on an SU Mac computer.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open System Preferences by clicking the icon in the Dock or by clicking the Apple Menu and choosing System Preferences.
  2. Choose Printers & Scanners in the second row of icons.
    1. If you do not see a row of icons, you may have a preference window already open. Click Show All to the right of the < > keys.
  3. Below the printer list on the left side pane, click the (plus) symbol.
    printers and scanners preference
  4. Select Add Printer or Scanner... if prompted.
  5. In the Default tab, select the printer you want to install.
    1. To narrow the list, type the building and room number (with no spaces) of the room where the printer is located in the search field in the upper right corner, e.g. TE201.
      add printer dialog
  6. When you select the printer, the Name and Location fields will fill automatically.
    select printer
  7. In the Use section, click Choose a Driver...
  8. Choose Select Software... from the drop-down menu.
  9. Select the software for the Make and Model of the printer. 
    1. That should be listed in the name field (SERVER-ROOM#-MODEL). For example, PRINTCANON1-TE201-CANON would indicate a Canon printer located in TE 201.
    2. To narrow the list, type the model number in the search field in the upper right corner. For example, for a Canon 4235, type 4235 in the search field. Note, for the Canon Multi-function devices, you will need to know the model of the Canon for this step.
      printer software
  10. Click Ok.
  11. Click Add.
    add printer
  12. The printer will install and will appear in your list of printers in the Printers & Scanners preferences.
    printer has been installed
  13. If you wish to set the printer you just added as the default printer, you can select it from the Default Printer drop-down list. Otherwise, close out of the Printers & Scanners window.

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