Q-How will the Microsoft 365 transition effect my normal operations?

A-If you use the Outlook App on your computer(either personal or SU) you likely will not notice a change.  However you may need to restart(close and re-open) Outlook once your account is migrated to Microsoft 365.  If you access your email by webmail at https://webmail.salisbury.edu you should now go to https://www.office.com and select Outlook to view your email online.  You may also go to http://mail.salisbury.edu .  During the transition, as coworkers are migrated into 365, you may receive popups that "An administrator has made a change, please restart outlook".  This is normal operation, especially where calendar sharing occurs.  It is not necessary to restart outlook for every notification.  As the transition period ends, these notifications will stop occurring.  

Q-How will I access my archived email?

A-You will no longer access your archived email through https://archive.salisbury.edu .  You will now be able to view your archived emails in outlook in a mailbox titled Online Archive.  See more information above the Online Archive mailbox here - Email Archive Mailbox-Faculty & Staff

Q-Can I access my calendar online too?

A-Yes with the Microsoft 365 Outlook Webb App you will see the calendar icon to the bottom of the mailbox/folders pane on the left.  Select the calendar icon to access your calendars.  You may need to select the calendars you would like to view as they are not chosen by default.  Also you will notice days with multiple events will have 3 small dots at the bottom, you must click those dots to see the full days events.

Q-How will this effect email on my phone?  

A-Most users will not need to make a change on your email app on your phone.  However, if your phone encounters a problem with the email account you can remove and re-add the email account using the instructions found below depending on your phone type.

 Setup SU email on iPads and iPhones

Setup SU Email on an Android smartphone or device

Q-How do I download the new Microsoft 365 products?

A-If you are on an SU device you will use the office products that are already installed.  However if you would like to install Microsoft Office 365 on your personal device you can do so using the instructions below for Windows or Mac.

How to download and install Microsoft 365 for Macintosh computers

How to download and install Microsoft 365 for Windows computers

Q-Do I need to be online to access Microsoft Office 365?

A-If you have Microsoft Office 365 installed on your personal device using the instruction above you can access the office suite without being connected to the internet.  However if you would like to use them online without installation you can use Microsoft Office 365 applications online at https://www.office.com.  

Q-How do I access OneDrive?

A-You can access OneDrive by logging into https://www.office.com and selecting OneDrive from the list of applications.  For more information on OneDrive visit - Using Microsoft OneDrive

Q-Can we share items from OneDrive to others?

A-Items in OneDrive can be shared with anyone within Salisbury University's campus including faculty, staff, and students.  For instructions on sharing items in OneDrive visit - Managing access in OneDrive

Q-I already have a OneDrive account can I sync both to my computer.  

A-Yes you can access both OneDrive accounts however if you have set up your personal OneDrive account using your SU email address you will need to change the email address associated with your personal OneDrive account.  You can find instructions on how to do so here Managing a Personal OneDrive Account that uses your SU email

Q-Will OneDrive replace my P or O drive?

A-At this time OneDrive is not replacing any of your drives nor will your documents be copied to your OneDrive account.  However we are encouraging the use of OneDrive for ease of accessing documents from anywhere.  

Q-How secure are my documents in OneDrive?

A-The documents you save in OneDrive are only accessible by you unless you have shared them with others however documentation with personally identifying information is not permitted in OneDrive.

Q-I have really large files to share in OneDrive.  How large is my OneDrive account?

A-Users have 1TB of space on OneDrive.

Please feel free to search for the answers to any questions you may have at https://kb.salisbury.edu/

For More Information on Microsoft Office 365 go to Microsoft 365 Information for SU Faculty, Staff, and Students

For More Information on OneDrive visit Using Microsoft OneDrive

For More Information on Microsoft 365 Outlook see Campus Email Microsoft 365 Outlook WebApp (Web Access)

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