The Telecommunications Office is responsible for all phones used on campus. There are two types of desk phones that we offer:

Analog Phone w/Message Waiting Indicator & Speakerphone - $55.00

Digital Phone w/16 buttons & display - $90.00

Dialing Pattern

Salisbury University's on-campus dialing pattern requires users to dial the last 5-digits of an individual's complete phone number.  Outside callers must still dial the full 10-digit number to reach someone on-campus.

  • If your extension begins with 3, precede that number with (410) 54.

  • If your extension begins with 4, precede that number with (410) 33.

  • If your extension begins with 5, you cannot dial this number from the
    outside. This is an on-campus number only.

  • If your extension begins with 6, precede that number with (410) 54.

  • If your extension begins with 7, precede that number with (410) 67.

  • If your extension begins with 8, precede that number with (410) 54.


If you have any special needs when it comes to using the telephone, please contact our office by sending an email to , explaining your situation. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Faculty and Staff Cell Phones

The State of Maryland has a contract with Verizon Wireless to provide cellular service to state employees for state use only. We offer Verizon Wireless for faculty and staff members. In order for a faculty or staff member to have a phone through Salisbury University, the budget administrator for that department must send an email to

Trouble Calls

Our office also takes care of any issues you may have with the phone, including voicemail problems, relocation of phones, and broken phones. If you would like to order a phone or have a phone relocated, please email .

To report a problem with your telephone or voicemail, complete a ticket online at by choosing I have a problem with a Telephone or email .  Please include the following information when reporting your problem:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Phone number having issue
  • A detailed description of the problem

We will contact you as soon as possible to assist you with your issue.