Salto is part of the campus electronic door lock system. It controls access to some electronic locks on campus including wired, wireless, and stand alone.

Accounts in Salto are considered Users. Users are assigned to specific electronic locks on campus and this access is stored in memory on their Gullcard.


Operator Videos


A door is an access point to an area, for example, a door to an office or a meeting room.


A zone is a specified group of access points that are grouped together to make them easier to manage in the system.


A user is a cardholder who needs access to and within buildings.

Searching for Users, Zones, or Doors

How to search for users, zones, or doors.

Lock/Unlock Door Scheduling

Access point timed periods are schedules on which the doors will lock or unlock.

Assigning Access

How to assign user's access via zones.

User Access Events

Audit trail allows operators to see who accessed what door and where.