1. Open a chat window with the person with whom you wish to share your screen. Click the Invite More People button at the top right of the conversation window if you wish to add more people to the conversation.
    chat window
  2. At the bottom of the conversation window, click the Present (monitor) button.
    invite more people window
  3. Choose one of the following:
    1. To share the content on your desktop, click Present Desktop.
      present desktop
    2. You may get a warning popup. Click OK.
      warning screen
    3. To share one or more programs or files, click Present Programs and then select the program or file you wish to share.
  4. On the sharing toolbar, use any of these options:
    give control
    1. Click Stop Presenting when you want to stop sharing.
    2. Click Give Control to share control of your desktop.
    3. To take control back, click Give Control and then click Take Back Control.
  5. If you want an attendee to share their screen, have them click the Present (monitor) button and share their screen, etc. You will get a message that they have shared their screen and your presentation has stopped.
    present monitor
  6. To share your screen again, click the Present (monitor) button on your own screen.
  7. If you have more than one monitor, they all display on the Present Desktop tab.
    1. The sharing toolbar opens on the primary monitor.
    2. If you only have one monitor, you will not see the Present Desktop tab.

For more information on using Screen Sharing in Skype for Business, including how to present a PowerPoint slide show in a multiple monitor scenario, visit https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Share-your-screen-in-Skype-for-Business-2d436dc9-d092-4ef1-83f1-dd9f7a7cd3fc

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