Use these steps to add SU email to a Blackberry device.

Note: it can take a significant amount of time before you begin to receive email after setup. Blackberry does not handle meeting invites well. It’s recommended to avoid responding to or accepting meeting invites on your Blackberry.

Set Up Exchange using OWA

  1. Under Email Accounts, click Set Up Account.
  2. In Email address: enter your SU Email Address.
  3. Enter and confirm your SU Password.
  4. Click Next.
  5. On the Additional Information Required screen, choose I will provide the settings to add this email account.
  6. Click Next.
  7. On the Select Account Type screen, choose This is my work email account.
  8. Click Next.
  9. On the Set Up An Existing Work Email Account screen, in the Outlook/Exchange section, choose I can access my email account using a web browser (Outlook Web Access).
  10. Click Next.
  11. On the Set Up An Existing Outlook Web Access Account screen, you will need to determine your URL for the Outlook Web Access URL: field.
    1. a.       Log into your SU email at
    2. Click Help (?) and then About.
    3. Scroll down to Host Address. Enter that address in the Outlook Web Access URL: field.
    4. Enter your SU username (see above).
    5. Enter your SU password.
    6. Enter your full SU email address.
    7. For the Mailbox name: enter your SU username. (If this setup doesn’t work, try leaving it blank).
    8. Click Next.
    9. If properly configured, you’ll get a confirmation window. Click OK to dismiss.

Blackberry Setup Troubleshooting Trick

Depending upon your setup and your service provider, your Blackberry may not give you the ability to edit the information needed to set it up using their instructions. This is because on some setups, it uses your username (without the and sets up as the email server. Unfortunately, it won't let you edit the username, so trying to switch it using the directions provided above won't work.

Instead, you have to trick your Blackberry into letting you put in the values at setup. To do this, first, delete your email address out of your phone if you've previously tried to set it up.

Next, go to your Email settings, choose add a new email account, and put in some as the email address, and some more gibberish as the password. What you're trying to do is get the Email setup to fail to automatically find your settings. After about three long tries, it returns a red error message stating something like "The email address or password is incorrect, or we need more details. Retype the information or provide additional settings." That's what you want to see. Click "provide additional settings."

Then choose POP/IMAP and click Next.

Now you can replace the gibberish email address and password with your email address and password, put in the email server as found in the above instructions for your phone, and put in your username (full email address and hit Next. That should get your email address set up in those phones that give you limited access to settings.

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