Sympodium ID350 and ID370 Interactive Pen Display

Use the Sympodium® ID350 and the Sympodium ID370 interactive pen displays, along with the many powerful features of SMART Board™ software, to control and write over computer applications.

The Interactive Pen Display

The interactive pen display has three sets of buttons and indicators. A row of display control buttons fine-tune display properties. There is also a group of pen-tool buttons and a set of function buttons. The tethered pen acts like a mouse because it allows you to control your applications, but it also enables you to write or draw in digital ink over any application. The ID350 and the ID370 offer the same arrays of pen tools and function buttons. On the ID350 (not pictured), however, the display control buttons and the power buttons are on the top edge of the display rather than on the front.
interactive pen display

Checking the Status of the Interactive Pen Display

The power indicator glows blue when the unit is receiving power and a video signal. If it glows orange, ensure that your computer is turned on and that the cable is correctly connected to the interactive pen display and the computer.
The status indicator turns blue when the tethered pen touches the screen. If it doesn't turn blue, make sure that the USB cable is connected to the interactive pen display and the computer, and ensure that SMART Board software is running on the computer.

Function Buttons

The function buttons provide quick access to a number of frequently used tools. Press a function button to launch the On-Screen Keyboard, the Floating Tools toolbar or the Capture toolbar. Open Notebook™ software to help you organize, save and share notes. There are two right mouse buttons to facilitate ease of use for both right- and left-handed users.

function buttons

NOTE: When you press the right mouse button only the next pen contact will be a right-click. Subsequent touches of your pen will register as a left-click.

Pen-Tool Buttons

Use the pen-tool buttons to select a digital ink color, erase digital ink or return to mouse mode.

pen tools

Writing and Erasing Notes

To write over your desktop image, pick up the tethered pen, press a pen-tool button to select your digital ink color, and write on the interactive display. Select another pen-tool button to change your ink color. To erase your notes, select the eraser, and move the pen in a smooth motion over your notes. Press the left mouse button to return the pen to mouse mode.

Saving Your Notes

You can easily save notes on your Sympodium interactive pen display for future reference.

  1. Select one of the display's pen-tool buttons, and write your notes or draw on the interactive screen. The Floating Tools toolbar will appear.
    area capture button
  2. To save a selected area of your screen, press the Area Capture button on the button Floating Tools toolbar. Touch the display with the pen, and without releasing pressure, drag the selection box to outline the area you want to capture.
  3. Notebook software will open automatically and display your notes on a new Notebook page, which you can then save as a Notebook file or export as a PDF

NOTE: If the Floating Tools toolbar does not appear when you select one of the pen display’s pen-tool buttons, you may be working in an Ink Aware application (e.g., Microsoft® Word). If the application is Ink Aware, these buttons will be available in the application’s own toolbar.
aware tools

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