This guide explains how to use the Extron podium controllers.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Extron Control Panel

extron control panel

  1. The Extron control panel gives professors many options to display content through the projection unit. To turn the system on, press the ON button in the Display section. At the end of the session, press OFF in the Display section to power the unit off.
    display options
  2. Use the Volume knob in the Volume section to control the audio volume for the system. The LED lights will indicate the current volume.
    volume control
  3. The TV tuner unit operates a cable TV connection, when available. Use the CHAN UP and CHAN DOWN buttons to change the channel.
    tv tuner
  4. The Input Selection section allows you to choose what you want to display on the projector.
    input selection
    1. Use VCR (1) if you have a video tape in the VCR unit that you wish to display.
    2. Use DVD (2) if you have a DVD in the DVD player you wish to display.
    3. Use Aux Video (3) if you have an external device you want to use. See below for Auxiliary port information.
    4. Use Doc Cam (4) to use the Document Camera, found on the podium shelf or in the podium drawer. Extend the camera onto the Doc Cam to use.
    5. Choose Laptop (5) if you want to use your own laptop. See below for laptop port information.
    6. Choose PC (6) to use the podium’s PC unit.
  5. When using the VCR or DVD, you can control the playback using the Extron control panel in the DVD & VCR Control section.
    dvd and vcr control

Auxiliary and Laptop Ports

  1. Located on or in the podium is a spare Aux Video port for use with personal auxiliary devices. Use the Aux Video (3) button on the control panel when using this port.
    audio visual ports
  2. Also in the podium is a spare RGB/Audio cable to use to connect a personal laptop to the auxiliary Computer and Audio port on the podium. Use the Laptop (5) button when using this connection.
    computer audio visual ports

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