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Name (Letter)



Scanned Image Drive (J)


Departmental Canon all-in-one printers will save their scans to this drive. Faculty and staff only.

Courses (K)


Students and Faculty have access to the K drive to share files and documents. This drive is organized by school, e.g. Perdue, Fulton, etc. Faculty have access to save and edit files on the K drive, while students open or print.

Area/School (N)


Faculty and Staff may have access to the N: drive to share documents and files within their area or school, e.g. Fulton.

Departmental (O)


Faculty and most Staff have access to the O: Drive to share documents and files within their department.

Personal (P)

\\NAS\Personal\username (faculty/staff)

\\NAS\Studentp\username (student)

The P drive is personal network storage space. This is also where you would create a personal web page. Faculty and Staff get 5GB of storage space; students get 1GB of storage space (plus 1TB+ of OneDrive storage space.)

University (U)


This is a folder used by administration to store and share University level documents. For most users, this will appear empty. Faculty and staff only.

Secure (S)\\NAS\Securefile

This drive is only accessible by approved employees for use with files containing personal identifiable information.  

**The S drive is only available on SU owned devices with Global Protect VPN.  It is not available using a personal computer with the SU On Demand VPN from

Other drives may be available depending upon your department’s setup and your permissions, such as access to other departmental drives or specific drives. Some departmental employees may not have access to the default departmental drives by request of the department, and would need to request access if needed.