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  1. Login to MyClasses Canvas and select the desired course.
  2. From the course navigation, select Panopto Recordings.

  3. Move the cursor to the desired recording and select Edit.
  4. On the left of the screen, select Captions.
  5. Captions will display on the left with time coding. To correct or modify terminology or grammar, highlight the text area and make your modifications. Continue this process throughout the entire video.  

    Note: Creators of the videos should review all captions for accuracy.Faculty are creators be default and are highly encouraged to review the closed captioning for accuracy. 

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  6. Once all modifications have been made. Select Publish in the top right corner to save your changes. To cancel changes, click Revert.
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If you are trying to use auto caption and see the below message please be aware that the video must be recorded, uploaded, and processed using the steps above for captions.  Captioning Services in this capacity is not an option as it is an additional service.  

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