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When changing your device (with the same number) although your DUO app will transfer it must be reactivated by following the steps in the video or instructions below. 




Please note the above video shows steps completed when signing into GullNet.  The steps will look slightly different (like listed below) when signing into MyClasses.

Open an application that requires a Duo authentication(ex: MyClasses).

After entering your user name and password you will be prompted for Duo verification.


Select Other Options then choose Manage Devices

Choose Text Message Passcode to receive a text.  

Enter the code received via text to continue.  

At the DUO Menu, select Edit on the top right corner of your device to re-activate a new phone with the same number.

Click Get Started 

Confirm ownership by selecting Send me a passcode.

Enter the Passcode received via text. 

Download the DUO mobile App from the App Store of Google Play if it is not already installed.

In the DUO mobile app select Add or + then Use QR code to scan the QR code prompted on screen. 

If you are completing this on your phone and therefore are unable to scan the QR code select Get an activation link instead to be emailed an activation link.  

Once DUO is re-activated on your device you will again be able to receive push notifications, text notifications, or use the DUO Mobile passcode to authenticate.