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Ask the user if they previously had access. If so, ask if they are using their SU Network (Active Directory) Username and Password. If they need access they will need to contact Terri Hofferbert, escalate a support ticket to EIS.  

Other Access Issues

If the user does not have access to Imaging System from off-campus using WebXtender, they may need to be added to the proper AD group.  Escalate a support ticket to EIS for delegated access support.  EIS support staff, use IT ADMIN VM, ensure ADUC is installed (see RSAT/Installation instructions on this page: ) and ensure the user is in the proper AD group under Groups / Delegated / Imaging:

  1. g_Imaging (all on campus access)
  2. g_ImagingExternalWeb (web only access from internal/external)
  3. g_ImagingInternalWeb (web only access from internal)

Cannot PRINT in WebXtender