Using the Software Center/Self Service

The Software Center (Windows) and Self Service (Mac OS) is the source for downloading and installing software on SU computer systems. These directions are for computers or laptops that are SU tagged and connected to the SU wired or wireless network or using the "Always on VPN" client from off campus.

To open the Software Center (Windows Computers):

Windows 10 computers:

  1. Click the magnifying glass and search for Software Center
    **You can also click on the START button and go to the list of applications under "S" and find the Software Center icon

Software Center

To install a program from the Software Center (Windows computers):

  1. At the top of the Software Center, choose the drop down called "sort by" and choose to sort the applications from A to Z to put the applications in alphabetical order.

       2.  Select the software you wish to install from the Applications list.

       3.  Click the Install button.  **Note: Some applications are large and may take 30 minutes to install.  Make sure you have time to allow the installation to complete.

       4.  Click the Installation Status tab to see the installation progress.

To Open Self Service (Mac computers):

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Click Applications.
  3. Click Self Service.

To install a program from Self Service (Mac computers):

  1. Search for the Application you wish to install.
  2. Click Install. The length of time to install will vary.

If you do not see any software in the Software Center, your computer may not have been updated in a while. Leave your computer on at the login screen overnight to receive any updates. If the problem persists after leaving it on overnight, call the IT Help Desk for further troubleshooting.

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