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MyClasses is the campus supported learning management system for online, hybrid and traditional courses.  Student enrollment for the current semester and session is updated every four hours.

MyClasses Help

Instructional Design and Delivery provides guides and support materials on their website for Faculty and Students. Faculty and students may also call Technology Support at 410-677-5454 for troubleshooting and assistance.

Support Browsers

MyClasses supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.  Internet Explorer is no longer supported (July 2019)


Log into MyClasses using your SU username and password at If you need to change your password, use the SU password reset system.

Guests can login with the email address and password on your account invitation by clicking the login without SU Username button.

Common MyClasses Questions

I can't see my course in my dashboard!

There could be a few things going on here.

  • Courses aren't automatically added to your dashboard. Check out All Courses and see if you see your course. Toggle on and off the gold star next to the course name to add or remove it from your dashboard.
  • Courses aren't published or made available until about a week before the start of the semester. Even then, your instructor may not choose to publish it until the start of the semester. Contact your professor if you expect to see your course but don't see it in MyClasses.
  • If you just added a course, it takes about four hours to show up in MyClasses. You might have to check back later. Similarly, if you drop a course, it will disappear roughly four hours later.
I can't log out of MyClasses
Depending on your browser, your browser may be holding your credentials in its cache, or temporary files. Usually closing out of the browser and opening it back up will fix the issue.
I can't log into MyClasses

First, check your SU username and password. Make sure you can log into another system, like GullNet or your email. If you can't, use the SU Password Reset System to change or reset your password. If that's not the case, it could be one of the following:

  • You do not have an account in MyClasses. Only students, faculty and staff who are using MyClasses for a specific purpose has an account in MyClasses; Faculty must have an active course in MyClasses, and students need to be taking a class for the current semester.

  • Faculty may also not have a class created yet in MyClasses. Faculty may request a course be created through a form at the Instructional Design and Delivery site.

  • If you have bookmarked the MyClasses login page, try logging in at instead.
  • If you just registered, courses are updated every four hours. Try again later.
  • If you are a UMUC student, your account may not be created yet.
  • If you're a new student, you may be accessing it early. Student enrollment for courses occurs on the following schedule:

    Fall Semester – August 1
    Winter Session – December 1
    Spring Session – December 1
    Summer Session – May 1

I'm having trouble with Respondus Lockdown Browser

Some common issues with Respondus Lockdown Browser include:

  • Wrong version installed. You should be prompted to log into SU's MyClasses. If not, try downloading it from
  • Webcam is not working. Reinstalling Respondus Lockdown Browser usually fixes this.
  • Unable to obtain exam title to determine webcam requirement. Your professor may need to correct the Respondus Lockdown Browser settings for the course.
  • I am unable to complete the exam or quiz due to a problem with Respondus Lockdown Browser. Try restarting your computer and restarting the quiz or exam. It should pick up where it left off. If it does not, then you will need to contact your professor.

Other Related Technologies

Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within MyClasses. To use with your SU courses, you must install the SU version of LockDown browser (you cannot use other university's versions). For downloads and help files, visit Instructional Design and Delivery's Respondus LockDown Browser page.

Turning Point (Clickers)

Clickers are the common term for Audience Response System (ARS), a technology used to promote active learning in classrooms. The system allows groups of people to vote on a topic, take a survey or answer a question. Support for Turning Point can be found at for both Faculty and Students. 

Systems Status Pages

Check the status of Canvas and other related technologies at the sites below.

Other MyClasses Guides

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