This guide covers how to share an e-mail folder with another faculty or staff member.

Granting Folder Visible Permissions

In order to share your inbox or other email folders, you must first grant “Folder visible” permission to the root of your mailbox. Without this permission, the person with whom you are sharing your inbox or other folders will not be able to view the folders or its contents.

This process only grants users access to the top level of the account. Access still needs to be granted to Inbox, Cabinet, and each folder/subfolder.

Sharing Your Inbox and/or Other Folders

You will need to repeat this for each folder or subfolder you wish to share. Also, if sharing a subfolder, the person you are sharing with will need to have a minimum of Folder visible permission for the parent folder(s).

Delegate Access (Act On Behalf Of)

If you want to have someone have access to your entire mailbox and be able to send and receive email on your behalf, then you will need to request Delegate access for that person. Please submit a ticket online

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